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Verizon Proposes $100 Million Settlement Over Hidden Fee Lawsuit: Eligible Customers May Be Entitled to Compensation

Verizon, the renowned telecommunications company, has reached a proposed settlement of $100 million in a class-action lawsuit. The legal dispute accused Verizon of charging unauthorized administrative fees, though the company has denied any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit allegedly involves undisclosed charges to customers, some of whom may have received notifications about potential refunds linked to the settlement in the mail this week. The settlements are part of Verizon’s efforts to resolve claims without admitting any form of liability.

If you had availed of Verizon’s services between Jan. 1, 2016 and Nov. 8, 2023, you may be entitled to a payment from this settlement. Potential beneficiaries of this settlement include both individuals and entities that have utilized Verizon Wireless since 2016.

The case brings into focus the issue of hidden charges and the need for companies to maintain transparency in their customer billing practices. Verizon’s customers, who might soon pocket up to $100 each from the major mobile carrier, stand as an example of consumers asserting their rights against such alleged practices.

Remember, however, that participation in such settlements usually requires action, therefore, eligible customers will need to apply to be part of it. More information on qualifying and how to apply can usually be found on the specific settlement’s website.


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