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Director Hayao Miyazaki’s latest work, ‘How Do You Live?’, has won the 81st Golden Globe Award, raising expectations for the Academy Awards.

Director Hayao Miyazaki, known worldwide as a master of animation, has won the Animated Film Award at the 81st Golden Globe Awards held in Los Angeles, USA, for his latest work How Do You Live?. This award, at the age of 82, is a first-time achievement for Director Miyazaki.

The Golden Globe Awards are considered a crucial precursor to the U.S. Academy Awards, and their outcome is generally seen as a harbinger of the Academy Awards. Consequently, this win suggests that How Do You Live? may receive high acclaim at the Academy Awards as well. The announcement and award ceremony were held on the 7th at The Beverly Hilton, a hotel located in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

How Do You Live? is produced by Studio Ghibli and has reaffirmed Director Miyazaki’s talent within the Japanese animation industry. As the movie’s acclaim rises, the Animated Film Award win globally validates its quality.

Meanwhile, Director Christopher Nolan gathered attention in the movie category, but detailed information has not yet been released.

These are the main results of the 81st Golden Globe Awards. While the focus turns to the upcoming Academy Awards, it is expected that the award for How Do You Live? serves as a leading indicator.


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