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Fire breaks out at former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka’s residence, exact cause undetermined

At approximately 8 p.m. on the 8th, a large amount of smoke was reported rising from the former residence of ex-Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, signifying the outbreak of a fire. According to local eyewitnesses, indications of the fire were first visible around 3:20 p.m.

More specifically, a 911 call was made by a civilian utilizing a park in Mejirodai 1-chome within Bunkyo-ku, reporting an enormous amount of smoke emanating from the direction of Kakuei Tanaka’s home. Additionally, a separate witness reported that the fire started from the ex-Prime Minister’s residence, commonly referred to as the Mejiro Palace.

In response to this, the local fire department immediately deployed, and upon arrival at the scene, the fire had already spread throughout the building, with firefighting activities still underway. Officers from the Otsuka Police Station in the Metropolitan Police Department have also been dispatched to conduct a detailed investigation into the fire.

The former residence of ex-Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka was once considered the heart of Japanese politics, where numerous historical events were born. It is necessary to keep a close eye on the impact that this fire will have.

At this time, details regarding the extent of the damage caused by the fire or the cause of the fire have not been clarified. There is a need to wait for the results of a detailed investigation in the future.


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