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Boosting South Shore’s Entertainment Scene: Phish Tribute Band Chum Set to Rock Tahoe this January

Entertainment on the South Shore is far from lacking. Stage performers, knitters, and crocheters contribute to a diverse range of activities which promise to perfectly fill anyone’s time.

In particular, music lovers will be thrilled with the upcoming performance of Chum, the Bay Area’s premier Phish tribute band. Phish, an American rock band famous for their musical improvisation and extended jams, has a massive following. Chum ambitiously aims to honor this legacy by creating an immersive musical experience reminiscent of Phish’s lively concerts.

This impressive tribute band is set to play in Tahoe on Saturday, January. Indeed, anyone who appreciates Phish’s eclectic blend of musical styles will thoroughly enjoy Chum’s live performance. It’s guaranteed to provide a unique and exciting evening for people who love to nod along to, or even dance wildly to, great tunes. The South Shore, while already rich in entertainment options, undoubtedly stands to be even more electric with the infusion of Chum’s upbeat performance. So, ensure you mark your calendars and be prepared to be serenaded by Chum, a tribute to Phish, this January.


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