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US-British forces initiate attack against Houthi group – Aimed at preventing attacks on ships in the Red Sea, contribution to economic stability expected

The Houthi rebels, an anti-government faction in Yemen, have initiated attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, resulting in the US and UK military launching strikes against their bases. This is the first instance of US-UK intervention in the quickly changing situation involving the Houthi, especially in response to the repeated ship attacks in the Red Sea.

These attacks have also been reported from London and Cairo, and were carried out to address the situation of the Houthi, a Yemeni Iran-backed militia group, repeatedly attacking vessels in the Red Sea. The Houthi, an armed group within Yemen, have been committing attacks such as those on civilian vessels in the Red Sea, and these measures are in response to those attacks.

The attack was announced by US President Biden and reported as an airstrike by the US and UK military, among others, in the early hours of the 12th local time. This will likely significantly restrict the Houthis’ activities across the country.

With the initiation of military attacks against the Houthi, it is reported that the aim is to put an end to the attacks on merchant ships that have been repeatedly occurring in the Red Sea. This long-standing issue could possibly improve due to the intervention by the US and UK military.

In addition, the Suez Canal Authority in Egypt announced that its dollar revenue from January 1st to 11th of this year has decreased by 40% compared to last year due to the Houthi attack. The economic impact of these attacks is spreading throughout the region, and it is expected that the intervention by the US and UK military will contribute to economic stability.


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