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Ariana Grande’s Assertive Return to Pop: Unveiling ‘Yes, And?’ – Her Powerful New Single and a Tribute to Paula Abdul

Ariana Grande has marked a triumphant return to the music scene with her powerful new single titled, “Yes, And?” This track, assertive and vibrant, is revealed as the frontrunner from her anticipated seventh studio album, captivating her fans who had been yearning for her solo music since her last release in 2020.

After a three-year solo hiatus, the pop music sensation unveiled “Yes, And?” The song carries a subtle yet resonant message – an invitation to dance, but also to respect privacy. This new music marks a critical milestone in Grande’s career, as she uses it to take a firm stance against criticism. The track can be seen as a comeback, challenging her critics while simultaneously providing her fans with an entrancing dance number.

The “Yes, And?” music video, directed by Christian Breslauer, was also released alongside the single. Grande celebrated this major milestone in her career by sharing a series of poignant images on her Instagram Story, commemorating her return and the joyous reception of her newly-released music. The music video pays tribute to Paula Abdul, establishing the homage as a significant element of the release.

Echoing Madonna-esque house music, Grande’s “Yes, And?” serves not only as a grand comeback but also as a vocal proclamation – announcing that she is back, is strong, and is ready to dominate the music scene again.


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