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Attention! Horses aged 5 and older making a splash in the Miyako Stakes

The Miyako Stakes is one of Japan’s horse races, named after Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, which is also known as ‘Miyako’. This race, which is held every autumn, has become a must-see event for horse racing fans.

Recently, Yuki Tomita of TV Tokyo presented her special program, ‘Yuki Tomita’s Extra Key Word’, covering the highlights of the 13th Miyako Stakes (GIII). Her keyword was ‘Watch Out for Horses Aged 5 and Over!’ This told viewers to especially pay attention to horses aged 5 and over participating in the Miyako Stakes.

The reason is that older horses with both experience and ability often perform exceptionally well in this race. In fact, looking at the past race results, seasoned horses mostly become victorious, especially this time, it can be said that the focus is on horses aged 5 and over.

The 13th Miyako Stakes was held on November 5th, on the second day of the third Kyoto event. This tournament, which attracted attention not only from professional horse racing professionals but also from fans, I wonder what the results were? With anticipation for the horses that showed us a wonderful race, we look forward to the next race.


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