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Minami Tanaka publicly discusses her experience with the skin disease ‘Pilomatricoma’ on live broadcast: She speaks on the importance of self-management and specialized treatment

Athersclerosis is a type of skin disease that occurs when hair follicles or sebaceous glands become clogged. As the name suggests, it is named for the white powdery substance that appears on the surface of the skin. It is usually symptomless, but it can cause inflammation and pain as it grows. Common treatments include laser treatments and oral medication at a dermatologist.

Recently, Minami Tanaka, an actress and freelance announcer who is currently active, announced on her radio program ‘Minami Tanaka’s Warm Time’ that she has been suffering from athersclerosis. She has been troubled by the symptoms of athersclerosis for several weeks now, and she has continued her show for her viewers while dealing with the pain.

Tanaka has been taking care of herself in addition to seeing a dermatologist, and now she says she has no symptoms. She candidly talked about her own experiences to her listeners in the hopes of giving them a proper understanding of the disease athersclerosis.

Tanaka’s experience shed light on the importance of seriously addressing one’s health issues and seeking professional treatment. In addition, her struggle with skin disease may prompt listeners to rethink how they manage their own health.


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