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Popular idol group KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamaru and former Nippon Television announcer Rina Sasazaki announce their marriage, receiving blessings from fans.

It has been revealed that Yuichi Nakamaru (40), a member of the popular idol group KAT-TUN, has married Rina Sasazaki (31), a former announcer for Nippon Television. This announcement was made on the 16th by both Nakamaru and his agency, and congratulatory messages have been pouring in from fans and related parties.

Nakamaru, who has led the way as a central figure of KAT-TUN, and Sasazaki, known for her sharp insight and cheerful personality, surprised fans with their marriage. It is reported that both at the prime age of 40 for Nakamaru and 31 for Sasazaki, chose to get married at this pivotal point in their lives.

While both parties have refrained from making detailed comments in official settings, according to the statement released by Nakamaru, he intends to continue his entertainment activities without change. Many fans are celebrating Nakamaru’s heartwarming personal news, while also expressing their continued expectation for his future achievements.


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