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End to the long-term escape of Tosho Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front’s wanted suspect, Satoshi Kirishima – Suspected involvement in a series of corporate bombings nearly half a century ago.

It has been revealed that a man believed to be the suspected criminal Tsutomu Kirishima (70 years old), a wanted key suspect in a series of corporate bombings that occurred from 1974 to 1975, and considered to be a member of the East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front, has been secured by the Public Security Division of the Metropolitan Police Department.

Kirishima was wanted for his suspected involvement in the serial bombings during 1974-1975, and was being sought in violation of the Explosives Control Act. The events occurred about half a century ago targeted multiple corporations and caused a plethora of bombs to go off, most notably was the explosion in front of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries building in Marunouchi, Tokyo. This explosion led to the death of eight people and several others were injured.

Although Kirishima was designated as a key suspect by the Metropolitan Police Department, the exact circumstances leading up to his arrest are not yet clear. However, the capture of Kirishima, who had been on the run for a long period of time, can be said to be a significant achievement for the investigative authorities. Detailed interrogations are expected to be conducted in the future to unravel the full extent of the case.

Much attention is being paid to the upcoming investigations which will put an end to the numerous urban legends that have grown over the nearly 50 years of the long-standing escape.


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