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Shota Fujii Osho, in the 73rd ALSOK Cup Osho Game, defeated Tatsuya Sugai 8-Dan, moving one step closer to a major record update. His strategy of pulling back the strongest ‘Dragon’ piece was a highlight.

Shogi player Sota Fujii-Osho (21 years old) defeated the challenger Tatsuya Sugai-Hachidan (31 years old) in the third match of the 73rd ALSOK Cup Osho game, putting him on track to break a major record for the first time in 58 years. The match, which took place in Shimane Prefecture starting on the 27th, ended with a stunning victory for Fujii-Osho after two days of intense competition.

With this win, Fujii-Osho is now vying for a new record for most consecutive title wins. His unique, well-balanced strategy shone through, particularly in this match. At the point of resumption, Fujii-Hachikann had widened his lead and successfully untied Sugai-Hachidan, the challenger’s, sealed move.

A decisive factor in Fujii-Osho’s advantage in the game was his effective use of the most powerful piece, the Dragon, which he pulled back. Powerful both horizontally and vertically, the Dragon solidified his own camp while targeting the attack, greatly contributing to his victory. As a result, Fujii-Osho said he was aware of his victory.

Many say that Sota Fujii-Hachikann’s meticulous strategy and sharp intuition brought about this victory. If he continues to win, expectations are high for a record-breaking run for the first time in 58 years.


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