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Congresswoman Cori Bush Under Investigation by DOJ, FEC, and House Ethics Committee Over Allegations of Misuse of Federal Funds and Questionable Campaign Expenditures

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo. is the subject of investigations by the Justice Department, Federal Election Commission, and House Ethics Committee for allegations related to misuse of federal funds and her campaign’s spending on security services. She confirmed this in a recent statement, saying that the investigations are probing into her campaign’s security service expenses. One of the expenditure that has raised eyebrows is the hiring of her husband, a former security guard himself, for the provision of those services.

Bush’s campaign compensated her husband to the tune of $42,500 in the first three quarters of last year. This move has been questioned on grounds of congressional ethics, as it involves federal funds. Despite the ongoing investigations, Bush insists that her actions were connected to her campaign. The final conclusions of these inquiries will play a crucial role in determining the political future for Rep. Cori Bush.


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