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Prior Authorization Delays in Healthcare: The Impact on Patient Care and the Rising Call for Reforms

Prior authorization, a practice used by insurance companies to verify whether a procedure, service, or medication is necessary, could often lead to care delay, testify multiple studies and accounts from medical professionals. Instances of these delays have been noted to last two weeks or more, increasing patient anxiety alongside the inconvenience.

Additionally, medical providers have expressed concern over the significant administrative burden that prior authorization imposes on their operations. This bureaucratic hurdle not only consumes their time and resources but also inadvertently forms barriers to care for the patients they serve.

In light of these documented challenges, legislation targeting the reduction of prior authorization’s burdens has been brought up for consideration. A GOP priority bill has been cited as an example of recent efforts to mitigate these issues. The push to address and potentially reform this long-standing practice appears to be gaining traction as a response to escalating concerns from both patients and healthcare providers.


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