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Silent Fleet: Amazon Original new production featuring naval battle drama led by Takao Osawa unfolds in Tokyo Bay

‘Silent Fleet’ is the first Japanese-made theater movie on Prime Video and was later distributed worldwide as a drama series as a bold attempt. This work depicts an unusual story, with a major sea battle unfolding in Tokyo Bay.

Takao Osawa, the central figure of the show, not only stars in it but also serves as producer, contributing to the production as well as showing off his excellent acting skills.

To commemorate the release of the drama ‘Silent Fleet Season 1 ~Battle of Tokyo Bay~’, an event was held in Toyosu on the 8th, with the main cast including Takao Osawa gathering in Tokyo Bay. At this event, there was a discussion about notable episodes to celebrate the series’ distribution.

Silent Fleet, which was first released in theaters last fall, was distributed worldwide by Amazon Original as a drama version, adding unpublished scenes from the movie version and depicting the subsequent story. Season 1 will start streaming on the 9th, with all eight episodes available for viewing.

Overall, this new drama starring Takao Osawa is a must-see work that intertwines visually attractive sea battle scenes and a complex story. Additionally, the fact that this unfolds on the never-before-seen stage of Tokyo Bay is worth noting.


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