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Foundation Day: A day to deepen the understanding of Japan’s history and bonds, and to nurture love for the country.

February 11th is designated as ‘National Foundation Day’ in Japan, a day to remember the founding of the nation and to nurture a love for the country. This holiday was established by the ‘Act on National Holidays’, and is considered a day to cherish the common ground of nationality. On this day, national unity is called for, and through support activities in difficult situations such as natural disasters, it becomes an opportunity to touch the spirit of nation-building in Japan where every citizen works together.

However, there is a complex background to this holiday. In fact, before the war, the Imperial government used this day, under the guise of ‘Kigensetsu’, to permeate militarism strongly among the people and to mobilize them for aggressive wars.

In the modern era, while there is no implication to celebrate the Emperor’s accession to the throne, the original significance of commemorating the founding and nurturing a love for the country has been carried over. Every time we observe this day, it seems we should also reflect on past mistakes, along with respect for our own country.

Through the National Foundation Day, we have the opportunity to re-recognize that the development of our country has been built by the tireless efforts of each individual and the strength of the bond among the entire nation, and that we are part of it.

Therefore, each time we celebrate National Foundation Day on February 11, we deepen our awareness of being a part of Japan, and each time we see the Hinomaru, we renew our sentiments of love and pride for our country.

National Foundation Day is not just a day to celebrate, but also a day to deepen each person’s feelings for the country and to nurture a spirit of supporting the country together. For this reason, it is important that each of us learns about the history of Japan and have the opportunity to consider how to deeply understand and love our own country.


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