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Pistol Takehara discusses new song release and deep friendships – Delving into his activities in the film industry and human nature

Pistol Takehara, as suggested by his unique stage name, is a distinctive talent in the Japanese music industry who is not easily categorized. He is an active songwriter, musician, and performer, whose unique musical style and life resonates with a broad range of generations.

Furthermore, Pistol Takehara is known for his deep friendship with Kazuhiro Mukai, a local broadcaster from his hometown Hakodate. From his statement, It’s difficult to speak when Mukai uses formal language with me…, one can glimpse their warm friendship.

Now, we have some great news from Takehara. He has announced that he will release a new song Mizuwari wo usuku tsukutte itsumademo on February 21st. This song is the first release of 2024, following the live album One which was compiled from the best takes of more than 100 live performances last year. There is already great anticipation among fans for this long-awaited new song as Pistol Takehara is not only dedicated to song creation but also to music distribution.

Ahead of the new song release, it was also announced that an interview will be broadcasted on NHK General TV at 7:30 a.m. on February 12th (a Monday and holiday). This must-watch interview will likely discuss the hidden story behind the birth of the first new song in about two years, and his future plans.

In conclusion, we have shared information about Pistol Takehara’s activities in the music world and his human side, from his new song release to his friendship with announcer Kazuhiro Mukai. Let’s continue to pay attention to his activities.


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