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Rapidly growing singing group ‘Ireis’ announces sudden hiatus – No specific reason disclosed.

The announcement of music group ‘Ireis’ taking a break from activities was made on February 13th, 2020, via X (previously Twitter). This group, formed in October 2020 during the upheaval of the new coronavirus, has rapidly grown since. They have garnered attention with their variety of activities, such as posting cover songs and their original music.

Just the day before their hiatus announcement, February 12th, they held a concert at the Nippon Budokan. Furthermore, nationwide distributions were carried out in theaters, and their success was recognized across the country. The group’s official YouTube channel has reached 910,000 subscribers, attesting to their popularity.

However, the sudden announcement of their hiatus raised eyebrows. The reason for their break from activities was not disclosed in the announcement. There is considerable fan interest concerning the group’s future.

Response to the announcement of Ireis’ hiatus has been major, with many fans expressing surprise and regret. From fans who have supported their singing until now, comments reaffirming the group’s charm, symbolized by the phrase ‘Find your favorite in just over 3 minutes!’, were seen.

The future activities of Ireis continue to garner attention, along with unchanging support from the public.


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