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Intense Battle and Clash of Souls: The Martial Arts Entertainment Event Breaking Down 11 to be Held in Tokyo

Breaking Down 11, a exciting combat sports entertainment event, was held in Tokyo with heated matches unfolding one after another. On February 18th, it was held in the Prism Hall of Tokyo Dome City, and fighters from a variety of martial arts gathered and put on a thrilling display, with techniques clashing against each other.

One of the highly anticipated matches consisted of Mr. Toranosuke, known as the Tiger of Hakata, and Juan Jose, former WBA World Boxing champion. In this match, Toranosuke with his meticulous techniques and Juan Jose with his powerful punches, both put up an evenly matched thrilling battle.

Much attention was also drawn to NAO from Tokai University Judo Club, who participated for the first time. NAO energetically threw a left straight after a front kick, initiating a rush and appealing his own style of fighting.

Weigh-ins and press conferences were also held on site the day before, conveying the tension and anticipation of the fighters before the matches. In addition, the results and updates of each match were provided in real-time, offering indispensable information for the fans. Going forward, Breaking Down events are anticipated as the platform where the skills and souls of fighters collide.


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