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Jimmy Carter’s Indomitable Spirit Shines through his Year in Hospice, Celebrating 99 Years of Resilience and Love Despite Life’s Final Stages

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has spent over a year in hospice care at his home in South Georgia, following his decision to terminate medical intervention last February. Despite witnessing significant global changes over the past century, Carter’s spirit remains strong, according to his grandson, Jason Carter.

Celebrating his 99th birthday in hospice exemplifies Carter’s indomitable resolve, even as he confronts the final stages of life. Jason notes his grandfather’s perseverance, stating that even against the odds, the former president’s “spirit is as strong as ever.”

Carter’s decision to enter hospice came months before the loss of his beloved wife, Rosalynn Carter, who passed away on Nov. 19, 2023, following a dementia diagnosis and subsequent hospice care.

Sunday marks a year since Carter, America’s longest-living president, chose to spend his remaining time at home with family, further exhibiting the steadfastness that has characterized his life and presidency. Comparatively, current President Joe Biden, despite criticisms of age and forgetfulness, remains a credible choice for those who advocate for the republic – a legacy Carter no doubt appreciates.


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