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Former representative of ‘Nishiyama Farm’ arrested in Indonesia on suspicion of fraud – suspected of illegally collecting 13.3 billion yen

Former representative director of the tourist farm management company Nishiyama Farm in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture, suspect Yusuke Yamasaki (43) was detained in Indonesia. An arrest warrant had been issued for Mr. Yamasaki on suspicion of fraud, and was on the international wanted list.

The fraud case originated from Nishiyama Farm illicitly collecting a significant amount of funds under the guise of investment. Nishiyama Farm is said to have unlawfully raised at least 13.3 billion yen, and this case was cracked down by the Aichi Prefectural Police.

According to Indonesian authorities, the suspect, Yamasaki, was found attempting to escape to Malaysia on a boat with Indonesians off the coast of Batam Island in the northern part. He was secured on January 31 and had been using the alias Hatanaka Hajime with the local authorities.

This case is a significant one where the Nishiyama Farm, which managed a tourist farm, committed fraudulent activities through its actual business manager, suspect Yusuke Yamasaki, resulting in many investors being victimized. The damage is estimated to be up to 13.3 billion yen.

With the arrest of the suspect Yamasaki, a certain closure will be drawn to the illegal activities of Nishiyama Farm, but it is expected that it will still take time to fully uncover the complete picture of the fraud case.


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