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Beyoncé Makes History: First Black Female Artist to Top Country Charts with ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’

In a milestone achievement, Beyoncé has been crowned the first Black female artist to secure a No. 1 country song, according to Tuesday’s announcement by Billboard. With her song “Texas Hold ‘Em” securing the No. 1 spot on the country music charts, Beyoncé has joined ranks with Taylor Swift to be only the second solo woman to achieve such a feat with no accompanying artists.

This momentous accomplishment doesn’t stop at number one. Beyoncé also boasts another recent single, “16 Carriages,” which presently ranks No. 9. As reported by Billboard, the success of her country music endeavors is steadily growing.

Beyoncé’s venture into country music isn’t a random exploration. Instead, it is rooted in her childhood, where she fostered a deep appreciation for the genre due to her grandfather’s influence. Her father Dr. Matthew Knowles shared how his daughter was inspired by her grandfather’s favorite country songs when she was a young girl.

Beyoncé made quite a splash when her country song “Texas Hold ‘Em” was released during the Super Bowl, skyrocketing atop the country airplay chart upon its debut. This move certainly denotes her as not just an R&B Pop diva, but a versatile performer, bending genre norms. This fresh feat is an addition to the ever-growing accomplishments for the global superstar.


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