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Hinamatsuri: The Beautiful Tradition of Japan and Enjoying the Festival

Hina Matsuri, also known as the Peach Festival, is a holiday celebrated throughout Japan on March 3. This is a joyous occasion for the whole family where cute kimonos and hibushis are prepared for children and grandchildren. The festival offers a rare opportunity to dress up in these special outfits and fully enjoy the traditional Japanese culture, as there are few opportunities to wear kimonos throughout the year.

One of the major customs of Hina Matsuri is to display Hina dolls. This is a tradition that serves to pray for the health and growth of girls and to ward off evil spirits. In Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, an event is held annually to display Hina dolls and decorations, enveloping the entire city in a festive mood.

Among these events, the ‘Machiya Photo Studio’ exhibition is particularly noteworthy. Here, brightly colored Hina dolls are lined up, inviting visitors into the world of old Japan. In addition, Hina dolls are displayed at traditional Kyoto townhouses and shops in synchrony with the Peach Festival, entertaining many visitors.

The origin of Hina Matsuri lies in a ritual where sins and impurities are transferred to dolls and floated down a river. This ritual has been performed since ancient times in Japan, and its customs are still retained today.

In addition, various Hina Matsuri events are held all over the country on March 3rd. At the Tokyo National Museum, events using dolls from the original rituals are held, entertaining visiting tourists and locals.

In summary, Hina Matsuri is an event where the whole family dresses in kimonos and enjoys the festival praying for the health and growth of girls. Furthermore, various Hina Matsuri events are held all over the country, each region showcasing its own unique charms. Particularly in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, beautiful Hina doll exhibitions attract many tourists. This once-a-year event deepens the familiarity with the good old traditions of Japan and the bonds among family members, making Hina Matsuri an important occasion.


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