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Akira Toriyama, creator of ‘Dragon Ball’, has passed away at 68 – His legacy and influence continue to be praised worldwide.

Akira Toriyama, aged 68, has passed away. His death causes deep sorrow as he was one of the figures who had a significant influence on numerous creators worldwide. Mr. Toriyama was widely known for his groundbreaking works characterized by unique humorous characters and exciting storytelling, such as ‘Dr. Slump’ and ‘DRAGON BALL’.

His manga were animated by NHK, gaining worldwide popularity. His stories produced a plethora of unique characters, entertaining and captivating readers. Mr. Toriyama’s talent attracted a wide audience and had a considerable impact.

His obituary was released by TORICO, a company that operates online bookstores such as the official website for Weekly Shonen Jump, ‘Manga All Volumes Dot Com’, and ‘Manga King’.

Mr. Toriyama was also responsible for character designs in the popular game ‘Dragon Quest’. This game underscored his talent expanding into new media, exhibiting that his work is enjoyed in various forms.

His cause of death has been reported as acute subdural hematoma. His demise has prompted many sorrowful messages expressing gratitude for his irreplaceable talent and the characters and stories he created.

Akira Toriyama continues to be loved worldwide due to his creativity and talent. Even after his death, his works will continue to be enjoyed, remembered and praised by many readers and gamers.


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