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Netflix’s ‘Damsel’: A Riveting Twist on Fairy Tales Starring Millie Bobby Brown and a Spectrum of Unusual Villains

The Netflix fantasy film “Damsel” has seized viewers’ attention with its dramatic storyline. Millie Bobby Brown, best known for “Stranger Things”, stars in the show, alongside Angela Bassett and Robin Wright. However, the scene-stealer is a dragon, brought to life by the powerful voice of Shohreh Aghdashloo.

Brown portrays the character of a princess, Elodie, who fights for her life in a battle against the menacing dragon. While Brown’s performance as a princess in usual distress strikes as less convincing at times, the film offers a rousing subversion of traditional fairy tales.

Initially, the dragon and Queen Isabelle are presented as the villains in Elodie’s story. But as the narration unfolds, a different character emerges as the true antagonist. This twist brings a layer of intrigue to the narrative, making “Damsel” a distinct entry in the realm of fantasy thrillers.

Through a journey filled with suspense and unexpected turns, the survival of the protagonist, Elodie, hangs in the balance. Let’s just say the ending offers a satisfactory conclusion to this dark fantasy adventure, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. The film has been well-received, with film critic Peter Travers offering his favorable review. “Damsel”, now streaming on Netflix, is an engaging watch for fantasy fans.


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