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Jane Seymour Honors Late Friend Christopher Reeve at Oscar Wilde Awards: Recalls His Love for Solitude and Adventure

Jane Seymour, the esteemed 73-year-old actress, recently shared touching memories of her late friend Christopher Reeve at the 18th Annual Oscar Wilde Awards. Seymour and Reeve shared a unique bond, grounded in their shared passion for their craft and mutual respect.

Seymour reminisced about Reeve’s love for solitude and his adventurous spirit. “He loved to be alone. He loved to fly airplanes and sailboats and ride horses,” she told PEOPLE. Clearly, Reeve wasn’t just a screen hero; he was also a man full of real-life passion and vigor, who savored the pure thrill of exploring life’s many exciting adventures.

It’s evident that Seymour keeps Reeve’s memories close to her heart, illustrating the deep respect she held for her friend’s adventurous spirit and unique character traits. As she fondly recounted these intimate details, it’s clear that Reeve lived his life to the fullest – a lesson which still resonates with Seymour today.


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