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Sony Music Artists, the agency to which Hollywood Zakoshisyoh belongs, apologizes on their official website for inappropriate expressions in his YouTube videos.

The talent agency Sony Music Artists, to which comedian Hollywood Zakoshisyoh (50) belongs, issued an apology through their official website on the 9th. The apology was due to inappropriate expressions in a exaggerated impersonation video that Hollywood Zakoshisyoh posted on YouTube.

On the same day, Hollywood Zakoshisyoh served as a judge in the solo comedy competition R-1 Grand Prix 2024 which was broadcast live on the Fuji TV network. While Hollywood Zakoshisyoh himself stood on the big stage as a judge, a situation related to a YouTube posted video arose.

The inappropriate expression contained in the relevant video was released at midnight on February 25, 2024, and Sony Music Artists revealed the facts along with an apology on their official website by the 10th.

The details of the video content have not been made clear, and we need to wait for more detailed information. Detailed comments from Hollywood Zakoshisyoh himself and from the agency are also awaited.


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