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Shock in the professional wrestling world, Mr. Yutaka Yoshie suddenly passes away – Aged 50. Pro-wrestlers and fans voice their sorrow.

The world of professional wrestling met with sadness on the 10th. Professional wrestler, Toyonori Yoshie, who was active in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Japan Pro-Wrestling, has passed away suddenly. He was 50 years old. All Japan Pro-Wrestling announced his death on their official website.

Mr. Yoshie participated in an All Japan Pro-Wrestling event held in Takasaki, Gunma on the 10th. After the match, he collapsed in the dressing room and was urgently transported to hospital, where his death was later confirmed. The cause of his death has not been announced at this time.

Mr. Yoshie was well known as a giant professional wrestler with a weight of 160 kg. His sudden death has spread shock not only in the pro-wrestling industry but also among fans.

Keiji Mutoh, a former professional wrestler who announced his retirement last year, also expressed his feelings about Mr. Yoshie’s sudden death through his own SNS. He showed deep sadness over the sudden death of Mr. Yoshie, who was both an opponent in the ring and a senior/junior colleague.

Mr. Yoshie has been active in the world of professional wrestling for many years, captivating many fans with his powerful performances and passionate battles. His sudden death is a great sadness for professional wrestling fans.


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