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Announcement of the new ‘Genshin Impact’ character, ‘Arlecchino’ – Details revealed on the HoYoverse official platform

Genshin Impact, the developed open-world RPG’s official platform, HoYoverse, recently announced a new character, ‘Harlequin’. Harlequin is a key character, holding the 4th position of the Fatui (Fatui Executors), known as the master of ‘Fireplace House’, often referred to as a father by characters like Line and Linette.

The voice actor for Harlequin is Nanako Mori. Harlequin is also set as the leader of the orphanage ‘Fireplace House’, his character background has attracted a lot of interest from players.

HoYoverse also released new character illustrations along with the announcement, which gives us a glimpse of the role Harlequin will play. His design and background settings provide clues for players to explore his role and appearance in the game.

The announcement of Harlequin marks the beginning of a new chapter in ‘Genshin Impact’, and many players are looking forward to his appearance and the new stories and quests he will bring. Let’s continue to pay attention to further updates from ‘Genshin Impact’ and HoYoverse.


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