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Additional cast and theme song announced for Nao’s starring film Teacher’s White Lies, eagerly awaited trailer and poster released

The additional cast has been decided for the highly anticipated movie The Teacher’s White Lies, starring Nao. Originally a popular manga by Akane Torikai, the film project has been attracting a lot of attention.

Following the actress Nao, the participation of Souya Igari from HiHi Jets, Ayaka Miyoshi, and Shunsuke Kazama has been announced. Especially Igari’s performance in this film as a standalone role has been highly anticipated. The attractiveness of The Teacher’s White Lies, which has become increasingly anticipated due to the announcement of the additional cast, is not only in the cast.

It has also been a topic of discussion in terms of music, with the decision to use Monologue from yama’s 3rd album awake&build as the theme song. Her deep voice merged with the film will surely enhance the worldview of the piece.

Furthermore, the official trailer and poster have been released, and they’ve been highly evaluated by fans due to their high quality.

As we approach the release on July 5th, a variety of information will be released to illustrate the feelings of the characters and the charm of the work. Let’s keep an eye on the future developments.


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