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Mike Pence Declines to Endorse Potential Trump 2024 Run: A Rift in GOP Unity?

Ex-Vice President Mike Pence made headlines on Friday when he declined to endorse former President Donald Trump for his potential return to office. Pence now joins a small group of top GOP leaders who have chosen not to support Trump, diverging sharply from many Republicans who feel compelled to endorse him following the securement of his nomination.

Pence’s decision reveals a different trajectory in his political journey, making him the latest among senior officials from the Trump administration who have refrained from backing their former leader’s bid to retake the presidency.

Known for his conservative stance, Pence stated he was unable to endorse Trump’s agenda, arguing there’s a contradiction with core conservative values. He expressed his inability to support Trump “in good conscience”. This non-endorsement underscores continuing divisions within the GOP, particularly concerning Trump’s political influence.


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