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Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula Volcano Erupts for the Fourth Time, Threatening Nearby Town and Infrastructure

A volcano on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula erupted for the fourth time this past Saturday since December, continuing to belch out bright orange lava and letting off plumes of smoke as of Monday. Iceland’s Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management had received an initial warning of the impending eruption from the Iceland Meteorological Office (IMO). The state of emergency was declared by Iceland after the weekend’s eruption, marking the fourth in three months. The volcanic activity and successive eruptions have closely touched GrindavĂ­k, with the resulting lava flow narrowly missing it.

The eruption was visible, spraying lava in the region, which emergency vehicles sought to navigate. The situation is particularly perilous as the lava from this geological eruption has now reached defence ramparts, which were specifically designed to halt its progression towards a lagoon and a power plant. GrindavĂ­k’s infrastructure is now under threat from this fourth eruption. The authorities warn of dangerous consequences if the lava flows manage to reach the sea. Despite the alarming situation, this volcanic display has attracted spectators’ interest and is being closely monitored.


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