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Controversial extreme comfort activities at the Kobe University Badminton Club’s spring training camp sparks debate on the Internet.

The intense comfort activities conducted by the badminton club of Kobe University during their spring training camp have sparked controversy on the internet. The main issue is a series of photos and videos taken during the camp, which record acts such as being lifted by the group and breaking shoji screens in the camp rooms.

In some of the photos, young men and women are smiling happily towards the camera. What catches the eye is that they are peeking through the holes in the broken screens, showing no signs of remorse. In addition, a photo shows a man punching a shoji screen while letting out a war cry, further disrupting the room.

These actions by the students have been widely shared on social media, attracting a lot of criticism. Some users accuse the students of ‘actions that violate the sanctity of scholarship’. The PR department of Kobe University has not released an official comment on this issue, but these events might make the university reconsider their policy regarding the behavior of their students.

Detailed evaluations of the badminton club of Kobe University itself, and specific measures to address this issue have not yet been clarified. So, it’s drawing attention to see what impact this will bring in the future.


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