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Princess Aiko graduates from Gakushuin University – Plans to work at the Japanese Red Cross Society

Princess Aiko, the eldest daughter of Emperor and Empress of Japan, attended her graduation ceremony at Gakushuin University on February 20. Princess Aiko was enrolled in the Japanese Language and Literature Department at the University of Gakushuin. Even while commuting to school, it seems that she continued her studies while fulfilling her responsibilities and roles as someone close to Their Majesties.

Professor Takafumi Nakano, who supervised her graduation thesis, has spoken about Princess Aiko’s character. According to the professor, Her cheerful and bright personality, as well as her tenacious and serious approach to her studies, made a strong impression.

Reflecting on her own university life, Princess Aiko said, Every single day during those four years were important, each day contributed to my growth. From now on, it seems that she will be working as a contract employee for the Japanese Red Cross Society, expanding her opportunities to contribute to society.

On the day of her graduation, Princess Aiko wore a sakura colored kimono with navy blue hakama. There is a lot of anticipation for her future activities.


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