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March Madness 2024: Anticipating Thrills, Upsets and Billion-Dollar Bets as NCAA College Basketball Tournament Commences

March Madness 2024 has arrived, signaling the exciting onset of the NCAA College basketball tournament. The schedule, live today, sees fans all over the world locked-in, seeking to predict the outcomes of the six strenuous tournament rounds. The NCAA Tournament No. 1 seeds – UConn, UNC, Houston, and Purdue, are the heavy favorites to make it to the Final Four, as predicted by several experts.

The tournament is a captivating contest featuring 64 teams fighting tooth-and-nail for the esteemed title of National Champions. This single-elimination event spans over three weeks filled with thrilling basketball action. Starting from the First Four, the tournament proceeds to the First Round games, each day bringing an avalanche of victories, defeats, and passionate displays of the sporting spirit.

March Madness 2024 not only excites fans but also investors, as the tournament is expected to attract an estimated $2.72 billion worth of betting, doubling the amount typically wagered on the Super Bowl.

As fans worldwide prepare their brackets, ESPN Analytics’ live projections provide an exciting in-game snapshot of each team’s chances to advance beyond the current round, adding another unpredictable layer to the tournament’s dynamic. So, gear up for this roller coaster ride featuring your favorite college basketball teams and enjoy every minute of the madness that unfolds.


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