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Exploring the Lesser Known Roles of William Shatner: A Dive Into the Expansive and Versatile Career of a Television Stalwart

Surely, you’re familiar with William Shatner’s iconic role as Captain James T. Kirk in “Star Trek.” However, his repertoire extends beyond this staple of pop culture. Some of his roles are lesser known. For instance, in 1961, Shatner starred in a TV pilot for “Alexander the Great,” with him in the title role. This project marked an intriguing intersection in pop culture, as he starred opposite Adam West, who would later become the famed Batman actor. Although “Alexander the Great” didn’t take off, it served as an important stepping stone in Shatner’s expansive career. Regardless of the recognition of each role, Shatner’s versatile performances contribute to his legacy as one of the stalwarts of television. His diverse work, known and unknown, underscores the breadth of his talent and dedication to his craft.


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