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Subsidized Shingles Vaccination by Local Governments: A Step Towards Protecting the Health of the Elderly

It is said that one in three people will develop shingles by the age of 80. This is a very high rate, and because the pain and symptoms of shingles can be severe, there is a need for preventative measures. One potential strategy is the administration of a shingles vaccine.

Vaccination is effective not only in preventing the onset of the disease, but also in mitigating symptoms. However, vaccination comes at a cost. This can be a significant burden for many elderly people. For this reason, some municipalities have established a system to subsidize the cost of vaccination.

In a recent meeting of the House of Representatives Health, Labor and Welfare Committee, Mr. Shinichi Isa of Komeito addressed this issue. He pointed out that there are an increasing number of municipalities providing subsidies for the vaccination against shingles.

By subsidizing the cost of vaccines, municipalities can make it easier for the elderly to take preventative measures against shingles. This is an important step in protecting elderly people’s health and quality of life.

More than ever, there is a need for municipalities to prioritize subsidizing the shingles vaccine and consider the prevention of shingles in the elderly as a priority. This will make it possible to prevent the onset of shingles and protect the health of the elderly.


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