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House Speaker Mike Johnson Struggles to Gather Republican Support to Prevent Imminent Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON, Nov 13 – House Speaker Mike Johnson is grappling with convincing his fellow Republicans to support his strategy to keep the U.S. government operational past November 17. His proposal faces significant opposition on the House floor, as Republicans are divided, with some welcoming the unusual ‘ladder’ continuing resolution, while others vehemently resist its lack of spending cuts.

Johnson asserts a growing consciousness of the necessity for another stopgap spending bill. In the absence of agreeing on a plan, the U.S. may experience comprehensive economic impacts such as deferred pay for federal employees. The severity of these impacts depends on the length of the shutdown.

Federal workers like Leslie Clark, a custodial worker, dread the insecurity brought about by potential government shutdowns, that have an impact on pay and job security. A shutdown would also furlough hundreds of thousands of workers just before the Thanksgiving holiday and cause delay in government contracts.

House Republicans are hurriedly attempting a two-step plan to fund the government as another spending deadline looms on Friday. However, dissenting GOP members and a need for Democratic support make the task formidable for new Speaker Mike Johnson, urgent to avert a government shutdown.


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