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David Cameron’s Unexpected Return: From Former Prime Minister to Foreign Secretary in Rishi Sunak’s Reshuffled Cabinet

On Monday, former British Prime Minister David Cameron made an unexpected comeback as he was appointed the Foreign Secretary. The decision was part of a considerable overhaul of Rishi Sunak’s cabinet by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has sought to bring a sense of order to the government he took over just over a year ago.

The reshuffle was marked by the dismissal of controversial Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Cameron’s installment as foreign secretary. Cameron’s return made headlines amidst the ongoing war in Gaza and pro-Palestinian protests.

Sunak admitted the duties associated with Cameron’s new role would be challenging. In contrast, Cameron, who spans a more moderate wing of the party as opposed to the vehemently conservative viewpoints of Braverman and Sunak, presented a contrasting vision for the UK’s foreign policies.

This move represents an interesting chapter in British politics as David Cameron officially returns to the governmental high office, marking the start of a changed era under Rishi Sunak’s administration.


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