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Kanto Daiichi High School defeated Kumamoto Kokufu High School, securing their first victory at the Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament.

The 54th Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament, which opened at Jingu Stadium in Tokyo on the 15th, held its first high school division matches. Ten powerhouse schools from ten regions nationwide, who won the autumn tournament, come together to compete for the national championship in autumn.

From Kanto, Kanto Daiichi High School participated, making it their 5th appearance and the first in eight years. In the opening match, Kanto Daiichi took the lead with a 2-base hit from their lead-off batter Tobita and steadily accumulated points from the middle to the end of the game. As a result, they defeated Kumamoto Kokufu High School from Kumamoto Prefecture, aiming for their first victory at the Meiji Jingu Tournament, 6-2 and celebrated their first victory of the tournament.

Furthermore, Seiryo High School from Ishikawa Prefecture outperformed Hiroshima’s Hiroshima Koryo High School, runners-up for the second year in a row, winning 7-6, and secured a spot in the semi-finals.

In the third match, Nihon Bunkyō University High School defeated Osaka University of Commerce Affiliated High School 7-3, making smooth progress in the tournament.

In this Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament, each school is aiming to be number one in Japan, and heated battles are unfolding. Future matches will likely grab increasingly more attention.


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