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Snoop Dogg Surprises Fans with Intent to Quit Smoking: A Mystery Unfolding on a Notorious Kush Lover’s Lifestyle Change

Rapper Snoop Dogg, renowned for his love of kush and whose real name is Calvin Broadus, recently made an unexpected announcement. He declared his intent to quit smoking on Instagram, leaving some fans and followers in a state of surprise. Despite his ambiguous statement of “giving up smoke,” he did not elaborate on what type of smoke he plans to discontinue.

A legendary figure in the hip hop community, Snoop Dogg is undeniably associated with marijuana use. However, the ‘Gin and Juice’ rapper didn’t clarify if his end to smoking refers specifically to weed or a broader spectrum of smoke-able substances. He hinted at a sincere intent behind his decision, explaining that it was drawn from “much consideration and conversation with his family.”

Although he is known, sometimes in a romanticized sense, for being a notorious kush enthusiast, his latest move reveals a new side of his persona. Snoop Dogg’s announcement has seemingly prompted his fans and followers to anticipate a significant lifestyle change for the rapper, even though the specifics of this change remain a mystery.

Amidst this ambiguity, Snoop’s seriousness remains unconfirmed. However, the shock of his declaration reverberates through the music world, highlighting the scale of the rapper’s influence and the power of his controversial yet enduring relationship with weed.


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