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Explosion issue with ‘ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER’: MTG Company announces free replacement

MTG Inc. has announced that it will be offering free replacements for its premium hairdryer, the ‘ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER’, following reports of explosions related to the product. This announcement was made on November 1st.

According to reports on social media, there have been several instances of the ‘ReFa Dryer’ exploding. In response to this, MTG Inc. has decided to prioritize product safety, opting to offer free replacements even for products that have already been shipped. This is part of an effort to regain consumer trust, and it shows the company’s commitment to guaranteeing the quality of its products.

Plans to detail the replacement procedures are due to be shown, and all users of the dryer are recommended to wait for this information before taking action.

To address this issue, MTG Inc. has declared its intention to enhance safety measures and prevent recurrence. The company has also expressed its gratitude to its users for their reports, and pledged to do everything possible to ensure product safety.

Fast responsiveness in order to protect the safety of users not only strengthens trust in MTG Inc.’s products, but also stresses that preventing such incidents from happening again is of the utmost priority.


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