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Actress Kazuko Takigawa announces pregnancy with her first child and departure from her agency – Evolving to a new stage.

Taeko Takigawa, an actress and a celebrity, has made an important announcement through her Instagram. Taeko Takigawa has publicly announced her first pregnancy at the age of 35.

She announced her pregnancy on Instagram, saying I have been blessed with a new life, and also posted a picture in a fitted dress, sharing this happy news with a style adding her hand to her plump belly.

Furthermore, Takigawa has also revealed that she will be leaving her talent agency, Tristone Entertainment, which serves as the base for her acting career, within the year. This announcement marks the start of her new life.

Born as the eldest daughter of actress Yumi Takigawa, Taeko Takigawa has already established her position in the acting world. This year in August, she remarried and is now experiencing this major change. While Takigawa herself has decided to take the path to a new lifestyle through her pregnancy, she has shown her willingness to move on to a new stage by leaving her talent agency.

While there are voices celebrating the start of her new life, there have also been surprises from both fans and industry insiders at the sudden announcement of both her pregnancy and departure from the agency.

Let’s share and watch over the path of Taeko Takigawa’s future life.


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