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The popular manga Ao no Hako has been announced for a TV anime adaptation. A teaser visual has also been released.

It has been announced that the popular manga Ao no Hako, currently being serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, will be adapted into a television anime. In addition, a teaser visual that aligns with this anime adaptation has also been released. The original manga is a youth club activity love story created by manga artist Kudzu Miura. As the series progresses, comics up to volume 12 have already been released, and the latest 13th volume is also expected to be released soon.

In Ao no Hako, which depicts fresh adolescence, it has been announced that Shoya Chiba will play the role of the protagonist Daiki Inomata, which has become a topic of conversation among fans. In addition to Mr. Chiba, a group of luxurious cast members will participate, which increases expectation.

Ao no Hako is a work that depicts love, friendship, dreams, and conflicts hidden in daily life, and has received high praise from a wide range of generations. With this anime adaptation, you will be able to feel the worldview of the original more deeply.

Detailed information about the TV anime adaptation of Ao no Hako, which is expected to develop in the future, will be announced in due course. With the addition of anime as a new form of expression to the story of Ao no Hako, which has given many moving experiences, more dramas will surely be born.


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