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Kota Hongo touches on the person he admires on ‘Nino-san’ – Attracting viewers with a deep self-introduction

Kanata Hongo, the actor, made a special guest appearance on the TV show Nino-san (Nippon Television) which aired the other day on the 19th. In this broadcast, Hongo discussed the person he admires, providing viewers with a profound self-introduction.

When talking about Kanata Hongo, it’s worth mentioning his decade long experience as an actor. During this extended period, viewers were extremely interested in finding out who the actor that he has been continuously admiring was.

Hongo elaborately addressed the individual he deeply admires, though the details have not been revealed yet. However, this individual who has motivated him and imparted influence over the years, is undoubtedly having a great impact on his acting abilities and personality.

The next broadcast of Nino-san is something to look forward to. It might delve deeper into the experiences of Kanata Hongo and the person he admires. As we watch his growth and evolution, we are looking forward to his future endeavors.


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