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Two unidentified bodies found at a closed funeral home in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, police have initiated an investigation.

An abnormal situation has come to light at the ‘Yasuragi Funeral Service Rokumei Store’, a funeral parlor in Rokumehoncho, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. Unidentified bodies of two men were discovered from this closed-down funeral parlor. The bodies were in two coffins and were decomposing at the time of discovery.

A woman working at a nearby company discovered this bizarre situation just after 10 AM on the day. She noticed that the door at the entrance of the building was open and reported it to the police. When the police rushed to the scene, two bodies were found inside the coffins.

The funeral parlor used to be run by a 78-year-old man, but he had to stop the business a few years ago due to financial difficulties. According to the man, since then, other businesses have been using it as a morgue.

The police are currently investigating to identify the bodies, as well as the detailed circumstances and causes. An urgent investigation is ongoing to uncover these facts. Although this incident has shocked the residents of Okazaki City, all we can do is wait for the situation to be clarified.


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