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US military transport aircraft ‘Osprey’ crashes off the coast of Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture, the Japan Coast Guard launches search operations.

On the 29th afternoon, information was received that a US military transport aircraft, the ‘Osprey’, had crashed off the coast of Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture. The Japan Coast Guard is responding to the incident and has deployed patrol ships and aircraft.

The information was obtained from a 118 emergency call to the 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters (Kagoshima City) around 2:45 pm, reporting that ‘Osprey had crashed off the coast of Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture’. This Osprey has been confirmed to be affiliated with the US military base in Yokota.

The owner of a diving shop in Koseda, Yakushima Town, witnessed the Osprey blowing fire from its left engine, making a loud noise while turning, and ultimately crashing.

Also, according to the Japan Coast Guard, the silhouette of a CV22 Osprey belonging to the US Yokota Base disappeared from the radar around 2:40 pm on the same day. The emergency call was made five minutes after this.

The Coast Guard’s helicopter is searching for the crash site of the Osprey off Yakushima, about one kilometer east.

Regarding this incident, the Ministry of Defense and others are currently working to understand the more detailed situation and proceed with responses.


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