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The broadcast date and debut performance artist and song information for the year-end music special ‘Best Artist 2023’ have been announced! The stellar lineup is garnering attention.

It has been announced that the Japan Television Network’s end-of-year music special, Best Artist 2023, will be broadcast on December 2nd from 7 p.m. for about four hours. Some of the artists who will be performing in this much-anticipated large-scale event, as well as the songs they will be singing and the timetable, have been released, attracting the attention of music fans.

According to the timetable, the program is scheduled to be broadcast for about four hours from 7 p.m., with a spectacular lineup planned. The artists will perform in their respective time slots.

Details of the participating artists have only been partially released, but among them is Yukari who will be performing the song Star Moon Night. We will have to wait until the day of the broadcast for details of the other artists and songs that will be featured.

This music special will also include a Nationwide Live Broadcast Project by Top Artists. The details will be announced on November 30th, so let’s look forward to it.

Best Artist 2023 will bring together many top-class artists to further enhance the atmosphere of the end of the year and promises to provide viewers with an experience of wonder and surprise. Be sure to tune in to see what surprises and touching performances are in store.


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