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Rare low-latitude auroras observed in Hokkaido, painting the night sky red in Bihoro Pass and Nayoro City.

A rare natural phenomenon known as a ‘low-latitude aurora’ was observed in Hokkaido, clearly visible throughout the night. The low-latitude aurora, which occurs at relatively low latitudes, could be observed with the naked eye in areas including Nayoro City in the northern part of Hokkaido.

This natural phenomenon was confirmed by local observatories, and the night sky was reported to be faintly lit by the light of the aurora. Also, on the same night, a low-latitude aurora was observed at Bihoro Pass. These auroras were photographed around 8:30 p.m., and their images hold breathtaking beauty.

Auroras occur due to the solar explosion phenomenon called ‘solar flare’. The auroras in this event are believed to have been caused by a major explosion on the surface of the sun about two days prior. As a result, they created a visually striking night sky where a curtain of red light was clearly visible.

Similarly, in Nayoro City, the aurora painted the night sky red. This aurora, seen throughout Hokkaido, was photographed by a starry sky photographer who is knowledgeable about auroras, named ‘KAGAYA’. He captured the phenomenon of the low-latitude aurora around 8:30 p.m.

In Bihoro Town, Hokkaido, an aurora of the same brightness was observed that was visible even to the naked eye. It fantastically dyed the deep winter night sky, enchanting astronomical enthusiasts. This incredibly beautiful aurora occurred in the early morning of November 29th, Japan time, due to the influence of a large explosion that occurred on the surface of the sun.

In Hokkaido, auroras were observed in wide areas including eastern and northern regions, and many people were moved by their beauty. Especially in Shikaoi Town in the Tokachi region, the sky started turning red at around 10:15 p.m., providing a visual feast.


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