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KISS Bids Farewell with a Bang at Madison Square Garden, Hinting at a Digital Future for Their Legacy

KISS, the iconic heavy rock group, delivered a dynamic performance marking the culmination of their ‘End of the Road’ farewell tour at New York City’s Madison Square Garden this past Saturday night. The show undoubtedly brought a wave of nostalgia and marked an end of an era for the “Kiss Army”. The band, originally formed by drummer Peter Criss who placed an ad in a music paper, and Ace Frehley, who famously showed up at auditions with mismatched sneakers, has been taking fans on musical adventures for half a century. However, this does not seem to be the last fans will see of KISS. As the band played their presumably final show, they hinted at a digital future. KISS announced the creation of avatars, ensuring that their music could keep rocking ‘n’ rolling through the ages. The idea of the band living on as digital representations is a novel way to ensure their legacy lives on indefinitely.


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