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Google Announces: New AI Model ‘Gemini’ and Multifunctional Version ‘Gemini Pro’, from Multimedia Support to Integration into Conversational AI.

Google has announced its new AI model, ‘Gemini’. This AI model is capable of handling a variety of information such as text, images, voice, video, and code, and is positioned as a multimodal AI model.

The announcement was made on December 7th this year, or December 6th U.S. time. This new AI displays its inferential capabilities not just from text alone, but from various formats of information such as voice, images, videos, and code.

Furthermore, Google has simultaneously released its proprietary large-scale language model, ‘Gemini Pro’. This is considered an advanced version of Gemini, with more detailed adjustments being made. The company has also released a specially-adjusted English version of Gemini Pro. These new AI models aim to cater to a wide range of applications, from mobile devices to data centers.

The company’s AI chat, ‘Bard’, has incorporated the intermediate-size model ‘Gemini Pro’ of the new AI model ‘Gemini’. This has also enhanced the conversational service, ‘Bard’.

These new technologies have become freely experiential for users. Specifically, the English version of the conversational AI ‘Bard’ has become available for free, allowing you to first test its capabilities.

These announcements further advance the possibilities and evolution of AI, drawing attention to future developments.


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